About icodreams




What we do

Dream is an AI-powered ico listing, Exchange platform & Blockchain product marketplace.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an overarching term used to describe how computers are programmed to exhibit human-like intelligence such as problem-solving and learning.

our history

In recent years the ico market has been a boom, it's said that Startups raised $5.6 billion through ICOs in 2017, and over 65% of them exit scam, this is the greatest challenge ico investors are facing in time.
After the launch of Icodreams(AI ICO LISTING PLATFORM). Startups can list their ICOs projects for free.

There will be Gold listing, which means listers are  required to pay with dream token, the ico will be listed on the homepage, also the gold listed ICOs is guaranteed to automatically listed on our Exchange Platform

(dreamex.co} after the ico ends.
The tokens will be paired to BTC , ETH  and DMT(dream token).


our vision

Dream AI-powered ico listing will put a lot of consideration before listing any ico, such has project, possibility of the project getting achieve in the time frame the company stated amount needed for a project to be completed, possibility of projects been profitable in the said sector it's targeting and in the blockchain, Team members, website, IPS connecting to the website, dream suggestions to the ico companies and much more.

The exchange ecosystem will be a multi Currency crypto Exchange, backed by DMT token the token will be used for payment upon listing of any project on the platform, the team promised they ain't having any crowdsale rather giving out some token to its early adopters, the token is built on the strong wave blockchain, this makes the project more promising as it'll automatically will be tradeable on the wave dex platform,